Today, 1/29/2015
High: 53 Low: 34
Mostly cloudy
6% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 1/30/2015
High: 52 Low: 26
Mostly sunny
3% chance of precipitation.

School Calendar

Monday, February 2
Ground Hog Day
Kindergarten Registration Begin



Thursday, February 12
Awards Day

1st -2:00

2nd 1:30

Friday, February 13
Awards Day

3rd - 1:00

4th - 1:30

5th - 2:00

Muffins for Mom
7:30am - 8:00am

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From the Principal

The more you give

Nothing is more fulfilling than giving something meaningful to life. Every day provides you with the opportunity to do that. When all is said and done, what really matters is how much you have chosen to matter. What really matters is the positive difference you have made for those with whom you share this life.

Instead of looking to impress, look to improve. Instead of grabbing for all you can get, discover how much more you can create, and give.

You simply cannot become meaningfully rich by taking. True richness comes from expressing your true nature, which is to make a difference.

The more you give, the better life gets, for you and everyone else. There is enormous value within you, and by genuinely giving of yourself you gain greater and greater benefit from that value.

The reason it feels so good to make a difference is because that’s what you long to do. Go ahead and allow yourself to satisfy that longing in as many ways as you can imagine.